case study one: otv

Open Television (OTV) is a non-profit platform for intersectional television. We incubate, distribute and exhibit artists that commercial television networks and art institutions do not develop consistently: artists who identify with multiple identities marginalized by the market and society. OTV experiments with alternative ways to develop, produce, and exhibit art and television. Our programs center artistic expression, intersectionality, Chicago and digital networking.

Project Objectives

·       Develop a brand identity and communication strategy that activates and mobilizes Chicago-based artist and filmmakers to develop, produce and exhibit short-form video content prioritized by and for intersectional identities

·       Survey environmental landscape and make recommendations on how to re-position brand identity and communication strategy

·       Position OTV as an industry leader in network television developed by intersectional artists

·       Launch and manage brand perception and engagement across all forms of media

Process & Methodology

·       Worked directly with OTV’s Founder and Head of Development, Aymar Jean Christian to identify key stakeholders and other influential industry leaders to launch a research project and public art platform that develops artists and communities 

·       Conducted consistent market research and brand evaluation on leading trends in public access programs, intersectional digital communities and public art initiatives 

·       Evaluated and forecasted market trends in digital platforms, online communities and film exhibition

·       Created recommendations on repositioning communication strategy and rebranding identity 


PWC developed the OTV brand and rebrand including designing the logo and color scheme, the website, the social media presence, and most of OTV’s early events. Over the years community fans and key stakeholders have frequently commented on OTV’s sleek and welcoming public presence, carefully crafted by our team to reflect the brands values of innovation, artistry, and culture expressiveness. In addition to consistent audience growth across all brand touch points, PWC has contributed to many successful accomplishments such as Emmy nominations; development deals with HBO; and almost 1 million views online from OTV’s 31 programs.

Elijah McKinnon