case study two: prep4love


The Illinois PrEP Working Group is currently leading the charge behind PrEP4Love, a citywide social marketing campaign that features real models from the city of Chicago. Through honest and visceral photography by renowned photographer Sandro, PrEP4Love shows how Chicagoans can love, explore, and touch freely because of #PrEP.

Project Objective

·       Develop and maintain community mobilization efforts for the PrEP4Love Campaign

·       Conduct ongoing analysis on all communication strategies, event productions and culturally appropriate activations that contribute to future social marketing efforts

·       Position PrEP4Love as a community-led campaign by creating sustainable and long-standing relationships with organizations and partners that contribute to it’s mobilization at a grassroots level

Process & Methodology                                                                                        

·       Worked directly with Jim Pickett, Senior Director of Prevention Advocacy and Gay Men’s Health at the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and the Illinois PrEP Working group to identify top-level social marketing goals, strategies and tactics for community mobilization

·       Created internal and external evaluative assessments of campaign performance across all forms of engagement (digital media, print, events, etc.)

·       Evaluated and forecasted market trends and strategies in sex-positive and HIV prevention social marketing initiatives

·       Developed consistent brand analysis and awareness through community surveys and reflections that help inform directions of all campaign efforts


PWC has not only helped develop the communication and mobilization engagement strategy, we have also developed and produced new campaign materials after the print rights to the original imagery were temporarily suspended. In addition to assisting and leading most of the campaigns community initiatives, we have collected extensive data on our impact that has helped drive all objectives, strategies and tactics. All of the initiatives that PWC have supported have led to several awards and honorable mentions, and most recently an international adaption of the PrEP4Love campaign in France.

Elijah McKinnon